Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.

     Addison, Illinois, USA

Kiene Diesel Home Page

Kiene Diesel Accessories is a small manufacturing company located in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area. Kiene was founded in approximately 1948 by William Kiene. Mr. Kiene was an engineer on an ore boat on the Great Lakes with responsibility for maintenance of the main propulsion engines. He developed a range of successful products for use on large-bore engines (as used on marine vessels). He then went on to develop a line of service equipment for use on high-speed (truck-type) diesel engines such as International Harvester, Cummins and Detroit Diesel.

Fifty years later, Kiene Diesel continues to focus of these same two product areas—Large-Bore Engines and Compressors, and Truck service Tools. In addition, in 1989, we entered an entirely new product area with the purchase of Continental Cut-Off Machines. This is a line of small machine tools for production cutting of round tube and pipe. Our website is divided into these three product areas. Please explore our website to learn more about us and our products.