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Kiene Diesel is a 75 year old manufacturing company located near Chicago. We design and manufacture our products in our modern Addison, Illinois facility. Kiene provides products in two areas; tools for servicing heavy-duty trucks and products for measuring cylinder pressures in large engines and compressors.

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TC-15 Cool Running Indicator Valve

Kiene Heavy-Duty Truck Tools
& Service Equipment

Heavy-Duty Truck Tools and Service Equipment

Kiene’s truck tools products include specialized hand tools and lifting equipment for servicing heavy-duty trucks and engines---like those shown above.

Kiene Engine & Compressor Indicator Valves
& Related Equipment

Indicator Valves for Large Engines and Compressors

Kiene’s large engine & compressor products include cylinder pressure indicators, indicator valves (“Kiene Valves”) and related equipment for measuring engine and compressor cylinder pressures.

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